It's been almost a month since my last garden update, and a lot has changed since then!  Most of the lettuce is gone as are the peas and radishes, but a few tasty things have taken their place.   
Two of my favorite new additions are my cucumber and beautiful Japanese eggplant plants.  The cucumber plant has started to go crazy, and I love the shape and flavor of the cucumbers.  
I picked a few beets recently and roasted them with potatoes, garlic, and rosemary and served them with a dash of goat cheese.  Delish!  This is my favorite way to eat beets.  I accidentally picked one of my carrots, and I now I'm mustering all of my self-control to let my carrots grow a bit longer. 
And finally, my tomatoes are starting to go crazy!  My golden cherry tomato plant has about 30-40 green tomatoes that will all probably ripen at the same time.  I see lots of tasty spaghetti sauce and caprese salads in my future!   I'm most excited about my huge Zapotac (I pronounce them Zap-attack!) Pink Pleated tomatoes.  I purchased them from You Grow Girl author Gayla Trail's etsy shop, because they looked awesomely huge and pink.   I grew this baby from seed and have watched it grow larger and larger all summer.  Can't wait to try one.  

I'm hoping the first frost holds off long enough for me to be able to plant and harvest a few cold weather crops.  Might have to learn how to build a cold frame to protect my little babies!

How is your garden growing?  


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